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Locations for Lunch

Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:00:23 EST by enikombasa, 4941 views

The LIU Brooklyn campus is situated in a very busy central location of Brooklyn and as such, surrounded by different levels of services, food, and locations to eat.

Some options:

At the cafeteria called Luntney CommonsMetcalf  Building, with its historical surroundings you can have warm soups for $2.60 and warm Mexican dishes from $6.50.

Quizmos at the central point of the campus offers sandwiches from $5-8.

Three restaurants offer their selection just outside campus:

Creperies, 80 DeKalb Avenue, right across from the DeKalb entrance of the campus, has $4-8 offers of sensational Palacsintas.

Junior, 386 Flatbush Avenue, is a historical diner real Brooklyn style, best food in the neighborhood.

Applebee's is a regular chain restaurant on the corner, 395 Flatbush Avenue.