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AHEA Award

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The Péter Basa Award of the American Hungarian Educators Association

Presented: biennially, starting 2010
Award: framed certificate
Lecture: none required
Call for nominations: January 2 of every even year
Nominations due: March 1 the same year
Péter Basa Award recipients:
Award Rules

The American Hungarian Educators Association established this Award in 2009 to recognize outstanding contributions to the advancement of the purposes and activities of the AHEA.

The Award
The award will be known as the "Péter Basa  Award of the American Hungarian Educators Association".

Péter Basa was a founding member of the AHEA in 1975 and was active in it until his death in 2000. Beyond that, he supported Hungarian cultural programs and American-Hungarian initiatives (Smithsonian Bicentennial; Hungarian Picnic for students and young professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, etc.). He contributed freely of his time and energy to ensure the continuing development and long-term existence of the AHEA.

He was responsible primarily for recognizing the need to orient the activities of the Association toward the broader aspects of Hungarian culture and, with this in mind, he stimulated the interest and participation of educators active in Hungarian studies. In recognition of his vision, sustained efforts, and contributions to the growth and development of the AHEA, this award carries his name.

The Award is a framed certificate, to be presented at the annual banquet in conjunction with the AHEA conference. Printing and framing of the certificate as well as any banquet dinner costs of the awardee will be paid for by the AHEA.

The granting of the Péter Basa Award shall be based upon the following qualifications: Active membership in the AHEA for at least ten years; significant contributions and work on behalf of its programs; active participation in other Hungarian American cultural matters. Publications are valued, but these should not be the chief criterion. Organizing conferences, or significant help in them, is a plus.


Selection of the Award Recipient

Nominations for the Award may be submitted by any AHEA member in good standing, using the Nomination Form below.

The Executive Committee of the AHEA will select the recipient. The President will notify the awardee; the Executive Director will proceed with the preparation of the certificate to be presented at the AHEA conference the same year.

Approved by the AHEA Executive Committee,   September 2009
Certificate of Merit
The Executive Board of the American Hungarian Educators Association
hereby awards this Certificate of Merit to
Name of Person
for his/her vision and leadership in the AHEA.


_________________________                                        _________________________
   President                                                                         Secretary



                           Presented June 2010                
Nomination Form for The PÉTer Basa Award
of the AmErican Hungarian Educators Association
NOMINEE’S NAME:         _________________________________________________
PROFESSIONAL TITLE:   _________________________________________________
ADDRESS/Email/Tel:         _________________________________________________
DEGREE        YEAR                         INSTITUTE
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AHEA MEMBER:                ________________________________________________       
AHEA Activities:                  ________________________________________________
NOMINATOR’S NAME/Address/Email/Tel.:     _______________________________
NOMINATOR’S SUPPORTING COMMENTS (Detail in attachment) ________________________________________________________________________
SUPPORTING LETTERS BY: (2 persons; name, email address) ________________________________________________________________________
SEND TO: Eniko M. Basa, 4515 Willard Ave. #2210, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
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