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American Hungarian Educators Association - Amerikai Magyar Tanárok Egyesülete

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The development of science has not made mankind happier. Science and technology become dangerous whenever overspecialized and isolated... In the spirit of the old ‘Arany János Körök’ a general interest in the sciences should be created; thus we can reduce our isolation, and also perhaps the threat of an isolated technology.  -- Eugene P. Wigner, Nobel Laureate at the 1973 AHEA Conference

The American Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) is a scholarly and professional organization devoted to the teaching and dissemination of Hungarian culture. The Association provides opportunities for those interested in Hungarian studies and Hungarian heritage to further these interests by:

• actively supporting ethnic and multicultural programs to broaden awareness, within the United States, of Hungarian contributions to civilization;
• deepening the appreciation for Hungarian culture among Americans of Hungarian origin
• encouraging the maintenance of the Hungarian language and Hungarian studies in English

The AHEA is open to cooperation with all groups interested in supporting Hungarian culture and Hungarian studies within the United States and Canada, as well as Central European countries with large indigenous Hungarian minorities.


Constitution and By-Laws

Officers 2016 - 2018:
President: James P.  Niessen, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Vice-President: Kenneth Nyirady, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Secretary: Klára Papp, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.
Treasurer: Kálmán Magyar, American Hungarian Folklore Centrum, New Jersey.

Advisory Board 2016-2018:
Katalin Kádár Lynn, Helena History Press, St. Helena, California.
Helga Lenart-Chang, St. Mary's College of California, Moraga, California.
Jeffrey Pennington, University of California, Berkeley, California.
Immediate Past President: Julia Bock, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, New York.
Ex Officio: Kálmán Magyar, Director, AHEA Affiliate American Hungarian Folklore Centrum, New Jersey.
Ex Officio: Louise O. Vasvári, Editor-in-Chief, Hungarian Cultural Studies, e-Journal of the AHEA, Stony Brook University & New York University.
Ex Officio: Katalin Vörös, AHEA Webmaster, University of California, Berkeley.

Executive Director:
Enikő M. Basa, Library of Congress, Washington DC.

The Executive Board of the Association is made up of the Officers, the Advisory Board, and the Executive Director.

Standing Program Committee:
Cultural Studies: Louise Vasvári, Stony Brook University & New York University.
Education: Judith Kesserű Némethy, New York University.
History: Julia Bock, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Brooklyn, New York
and James P. Niessen, Rutgers University.
Literature: Enikő M. Basa, Library of Congress, Washington, DC.
Music/Folklore: Kálmán Magyar and Judith Olson, American Hungarian Folklore Centrum, New Jersey.
Science/Economics: Susan Glanz, St. John's University, New York, NY.

Past Presidents:
1974-1975               Interim president Enikő M.  Basa
1975-1978               Enikő M.  Basa, two terms
1978-1982               Barbara Lotze, two terms
1982-1984               János Horváth
1984-1988               Martha Pereszlényi-Pinter, two terms
1988-1992               Enikő M.  Basa, two terms
1992-1996               Katherine Gatto, two terms
1996-2000               Péter Pastor, two terms
2000-2004               Martha Pereszlényi-Pinter, two terms
2004-2008               Susan Glanz, two terms
2008-2012               Judith Kesserű Némethy, two terms
2012-2014               Julia Bock
2014-2018               James P. Niessen, two terms


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Annual Conferences at North American universities (every five years in Hungary) provide a scholarly forum and opportunity for workshops and discussion groups devoted to topics of special interest

Special Fora and Conferences
Symposium on Transylvania, Kent State University, 1979
Conference on the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Kent State University, 1981
Conference on the Culture of Hungarians in the USA, Montclair State University, 1982
Hungary in the 1990's: New Possibilities in a New Context, University of Maryland, 1993
“Hungary on the Threshold of the 21st Century” commemorating 1100 years of Hungarian statehood, Library of Congress, 1996
Conference on the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2006.


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American Hungarian Educator newsletter of the Association reports on the conference and the annual meeting and carries announcements about books, programs, scholarships and general news
E-Journal of the American Hungarian Educators Association publishes selected papers and other articles of interest to Hungarian Studies, including selected papers from our yearly conferences. (Launch date: 2007)
Web site ( publishes information on upcoming conferences, including call for papers, abstracts of papers, and programs
E-mail list for members about timely items such as scholarships, new publications, etc.


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Hungarian Picnic for students and young professionals in Washington, DC area

Homecoming Forum (with the Hungarian Embassy and the HungarianAmerica Foundation): a forum for exchange of ideas and the problems and questions of Hungarians studying and working in the US

Supports sessions at professional organizations on Hungarian topics
Liaison for the Smithsonian Institution 1976 Festival of American Folklife and the Hungarian participants–the only Eastern European country able to participate because local support was forthcoming
Presented Position Papers to and testified before the President’s Commission on Language and International Studies

Alliances and Partners

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American Hungarian Folklore Centrum [AHFC]
Kalman Magyar, Director,

Hungarian Studies Association of Canada

Hungarian Studies Association

New members

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Membership is open to all interested persons who wish to engage in Hungarian studies or to support them. We welcome persons from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.

If interested, please print and fill out the form below and mail to:
Enikõ M. Basa 4515 Willard Ave. #2210, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Name: _____________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________
(Give preferred mailing address)

Phone no(s): ______________________________________
(Please indicate if home, office or cell, and which is the preferred one for contacting you)

Email: ____________________________________________

Other mailing address (optional): _________________


Institutional Affiliation (address optional): _____


Area of interest: _________________________________


Please include appropriate membership fee with your application.

Regular membership: $30.00;
Couples/Joint: $50.00;
Students/Retired: $10.00