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AHEA 2018 Conference
April 12-13-14
Cleveland State University

Conference Information and Registration

The American Hungarian Educators Association (AHEA) -- Amerikai Magyar Tanárok Egyesülete -- is a professional and scholarly organization devoted to the teaching and dissemination of Hungarian culture -- history, folklore, literature, language, fine arts, music and scientific achievements.

The Association provides opportunities for those interested in Hungarian studies and Hungarian heritage to further these interests by

  • actively supporting ethnic and multicultural programs to broaden awareness, within the United States, of Hungarian contributions to civilization;
  • deepening the appreciation for Hungarian culture among Americans of Hungarian origin;
  • encouraging the maintenance of the Hungarian language and Hungarian studies in English.
  • As a heritage organization the AHEA is vitally interested in the preservation of historical documents and artifacts as close as possible to their place of creation.

The AHEA is open to cooperation with all groups interested in supporting Hungarian culture and Hungarian studies within the United States and Canada, as well as Central European countries with large indigenous Hungarian minorities.

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Vol 10 (2017)